Monday, 29 June 2009

Second Impressions of Perth, 5th June

Today was such a beautiful day to wake up to. The view from Gwil´s balcony was beautiful in the bright sunshine and after discovering that I love Vegemite we headed into town for a walk in King´s Park.

With the sun shining, and wearing more clothes, I got a really different impression of Perth. I loved it. It was so much nicer in the sun. We grabbed a picnic lunch and found a great spot overlooking the city in Kings Park. It was beautiful. After lunch we wandered trhough the park.

One of the things I love about Australia are the birds. Parrots in abundance. Parrots in a million different colours. And cockatoos too. Willy Wagtail birds. The birds are far cooler than pigeons and seagulls that you get back home. AND! I saw my first ever Kookabura, it made the coolest noise.

I was in a totally different world, the day before I had been cold and tired, and now refreshed and warmer I was seeing Perth in a whole different light and loving it.

After some bird watching Gwil poitned out all the native Australia plants and trees in the park and we chilled out by the lake in the park.

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