Monday, 29 June 2009

The problem with Manly, 12 June 2009

Now I made a very unwise choice when getting dressed this morning. I was dressed warmly and to keep the heat in i decided to wear my Marks and Spencer Shoes that i had bought in Hong Kong, i thought that having my toes inside a shoe would be warmer than wearing flip flops.

It was warmer, but it was also ridiculously unconfortable. I had worn the shoes on a couple of nights out in Perth and thought they were quite comfy, but I had never really worn them to walk in. And of course, M and S shoes are sensible shoe, and you would never expect sensible shoes to rub.

But rub they did! By the time we got to Manly i had blisters on every toe and on both my heels.

Hobble. That was pretty much what i did as we walekd around Manly. I went and bought some socks and palsters and so for the rest of the day i sported the lovely slingbacks and socks look! I looked cool!

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