Monday, 29 June 2009

Panic at the ATM, 14 June 2009

Sunday Morning Gwil and I got up and headed down to town to do some more touristy stuff and on the way I had to get some cash. However, at the first cash point my card could not work.

I tried another atm and it still wouldnt work. by the 4th atm i was in a massive panic and was straight on the phone to nationwide.

All the horrible thoughts were running through my head! what if my card has been cloned and barred by the bank. how will i get a new card sent to me in chile. arghhh!

So i spoke to Nationwide and the lady kindly told me that all nationwide accounts were barred until 9am GMT as part of some banking thing. With a sigh of relief put the phone down, so happy that it was the bank and not my card that had been barred. I had to wait then till 9am GMT until I could take money out of the ATM which was a little annoying to say the least.

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