Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Panic at the Airport, 3 June 2009

So I left Kowloon at 10am this morning. I set off a fair bit earlier than was necesary in order for me to have ample time to spend in the airport before heading to Singapore and then Perth.

The bus delivered me to the airport at exactly 11am and by 11.15 I had found the Cathay Pacific check in desk (I had walked round the ENTIRE airport before finding it!).

As I checked in, Cherry - the very lovely customer service girl - informed me that my flight from Singapore to Perth departed while I was still somewhere in the sky between Hong Kong and Singapore. Errr? How? What? Shit!

Tears filled my eyes. It has been 9 months since I last saw Gwil and naturally I have been very excited in the run up to this flight.

So how did this happen? Well the flight that I was originally booked onto had been cancelled, but I had automatically been switched to a later flight leaving from Hong Kong. But of course, STA had not informed me of the flight cancellation, and so of course I was going to miss my connection.

Cherry kindly told me that the flight to Perth that I was scheduled to be on, was the last flight of the day and that if I flew to Singapore they would put me up in a hotel for the night and put me in the first available seat to Perth TOMORROW!

Tears again. For the last 48 hours I've been counting down to my reunion with Gwil. An extra 12-24 hours was not cool! Definitely not cool.

But then Cherry struck gold and found me a seat on a direct flight to Perth leaving at 15:00 from Hong Kong airport. I would get there two hours earlier than anticipated as well which was a bonus.

Tears brushed away, I took my boarding pass and headed to Burger King to spend my last few Hong Kong dollars.


  1. You poor thing that is horrible,but every cloud has it's silver lining that's fabulous news!!!!!! Whoop!!!! You are going to love Perth!!!!!!xxxxx

  2. Amy "Que' sera' sera'.
    If you fell off a bus you would land on your feet. You have to be the luckiest person I know or ever met.Have fun. X