Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A night at the theatre, 24 May 2009

One of the things that both Emma and I wanted to do in Beijing was to see an acrobatic show. We decided that we would definitely go despite the fact it cost almost a single day´s budget. Simon (the random Brit who I met on the Subway on the way to the Olympic Stadium) cam along too.

When we got to the ticket office, Simon was a bit apprehensive at the cost. And when we came to parting with the cash ourselves we were a little woman. The locely box office lady asked if we were students: ´YES´ i yelped, I flashed my card that isn´t really a student card but a ´youth card´I then threw three hundred kwai at her and took the tickets. It was a bit of a dash as Emma didn´t have her ´ýouth card´ on her, and Simon graduated like five years ago and didn´t even qualify for a ´youth card´. We all sneaked in super'happy that we had got away with paying just ten pounds for brilliant tickets. Sneaky indeed.

The show itself was truly spectacular.

My favourite were the troupe of boys who did amazing routines. A hat juggling routine with 15 boys was hilarious, they made human pyramids, did flips and sumersalts all whilst jugglñing their hats away. Briliant. They closed the show with some specatular moves using poles which they threw themselves around. I just can´t describe it. It was lke watching the lost boys from Hook the movie.

The girls were great also with their plate spinning and hoops and ribbons and diablos.

The show was only an huor, but i could have sat and watched it all night. Truly amazing!.

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