Monday, 29 June 2009

A new continent, a new pair of flip flops, 3 June

In Bangkok I bought a pair of Havaianas, these were my 4th pair of flip flops. These were probably the flips flops that have lasted the longest, after all they survived Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the whole of China. But in Hong Kong they were starting to lose the will to live. The toe poke kept slipping out of the sole, so stop this I decided to bring in the ever-useful gaffer tape. It certainly did the trick but the glue from the gaffer tape kept oozing on to my feet and in the heat it was turning into one big sticky mess. So, I not only left my heart in Hong Kong but my worn out Havaianas too. I already had a pair of flip flops waiting in the wings to take over so as I left my lovely little Hong Kong hostel I stepped out into the street in new shoes all new and shiny and ready for Oz.

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