Monday, 29 June 2009

Landing in Oz, 3 June

I picked up my baggage quite quickly and managed to get through immigration painlessly too. So I carried on whizzing round the airport and was one door away from Gwil, when some stupid woman with an x-ray machine asked my if I was travelling with a snorkel mask.

Of course I am travelling with a snorkelling mask I said. I´ve been snorkelling in Thailand and Malaysia. Like durr!

Then she asked me if it had been used in freshwater in the last six weeek.

My mind went blank. Was fresh water in the sea or in lakes? I seriously couldn´t remember. I told here the last time I used it was in Thailand in the sea ten weeks ago. She let me pass without further question.

I was a little dumbfounded that security had pulled me up over, of all things, a snorkel mask. And as excited as I was about seeing Gwil on the otherside of the door just ahead of me I had to ask what the problem was with a snorkel mask.

She answered in a patronising way that there maybe microbes or parasites in freshwater lakes that could be harmful to Western Australia´s ecosystem. Of course!

With the question answered I was out of there.

As I walked through the electric doors I couldn´t see Gwil with a big bunch of flowers anywhere. And then I saw him, sitting and beaming at me with the biggest smile in the world (and no flowers). I let go of my trolley which was weighed down with my backpack and had the best cuddle of my life. I didn´t intend on crying, but a few tears definitely appeared. Ten months is a long time!

We jumped in a cab back to his flat and there I was greeted by his housemate and some of his friends who were a little tipsy and wearing their boxer shorts - they wanted to make a good impression! Ha! They certainly made an impression all right when I was bundled to the floor.

I indulged in some pizza and a lovely glass of wine. My first glass of wine (except the Plum wine in China) in four months! That is a long time without wine! And it was delicious. Then I crashed out and slept.

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