Monday, 29 June 2009

I need an OJ, 9 June 2009

So after the zoo I was really thirsty and needed a juice. So, rather than heading to an expensive juice bar, I headed to the supermarket instead. It took a while to find the chiller cabinets with the juices but eventually i found them and grabbed an Orange and Mango juice.

Walkign to the bus i cracked open the juice and started to drink it. It was a little zingy and tart but tasted good. Gwil tried it but didn´t like it.

Standing at the bus stop gwil noticed that my juice carton said ´contains ten servings´. I was a little confused, this was only a 500ml carton. Then i looked at the carton and saw it said CONCENTRATE. oh my god i died. I´d drunk about 250ml of neat squash! Yukkkkk! I started to down water as fast as i could glug. i had a sudden headache and started to get the shakes. that was the worst journey on the bus ever as i was dying. i got back to the flat and drank some more water. yuk.

lesson learnt: if a juice is cheap in an ozzie supermarket it probably means it is squash, and not actually fruit juice!

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