Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I feel so sorry for babies in China, 22 June 2009

I thought I was seeing things when I first saw it in Yuanyang. When I saw in again in Kunming I hoped it was a local thing. But as i travel further around CHina it becomes clear to me that it is a National thing... Crotchless babygrows.

Babies in CHina don´t wear nappies. Toddlers everywhere run around wearing crotchless babygrows, crotchless cargo pants, crotchless jeans.

They are encouraged by their parents to go when they need to go, so it is not uncommon at all to see a baby squatting to wee or poo in the middle of the street. And, of course, with the crotchless fashion, there is no need to fiddle with buttons, flies or pants... oh no, you just go. Crazy!

Since writing this post in my diary I also saw an increible sight in Shanghai where a toddler was weeing in the door of Esprit (clothes store) into a plastic bag like those you put fruit in at the super market... Culture difference indeed!

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