Monday, 29 June 2009

The Goldfish Market, 2 June 2009

I´d read and heard about something called a Goldfish Market in Hong Kong, as a lover of the humble goldfish I decided to check it out. For me, the prospect of a market selling just Goldfish was pretty special.

I meandered through the streets of Kowloon and wandered up to the Goldfish market. Oh my god, there were loads of goldfish. Bags and bags and tanks and tanks of them. And not just gold fish, cool tropical fish too for fancy aquariums.

In all fairness it was less of a market and more of a street full of goldfish shops but it was still very cool and well worth the detour.

In fact, I´m going to go wild and delcare it my favourite market in Hong Kong. Only because I am sick of the markets in Asia that all sound great, but in reality are just stall after stall of knock-off handbags and watches, at least the Goldfish Market is different. (God, I can´t beleive I just moaned about markets selling faux designer handbags, there was a time in my life when a Handbag Market was all I ever needed to make me happy)

So my verdict on the Hong Kong Market scene: Goldfish market = Tip top! Temple Street Night Market and Women´s Street Market = Same same!.

But I will say that the markets in Hong Kong were good because there was a lot less hassle than at other markets I have been to in Thailand and the rest of China.

On a final note while I speak about Goldfish... Did i tell you the story about the goldfish in Xián? Well, I can´t remember now if I did or not, but anyways, we were walking down the street in Xián and could see some keyrings on display, you know the type that are filled with water/liquid and have little plastic love hearts/smiley faces floating inside them... Well we saw some of those, but as we got closer we realised that instead of tiny plastic love hearts/smiley faces they had teeny tiny goldfish in them. And not plastic goldfish either, REAL LIVE GOLDFISH! Serisously the keyrings were about the size of tennis ball (in fact, probably smaller)! The fish were just bobbing around inside these little keyrings. Crazy.

Another Goldfish anecdote... When I was wandering around a Beijing park with Simon (the random backpacker I bumped into on the tube to the Olympic Stadium) we came across a little kids area full of fete type games. We stood and watch one little girl fishing with a net in a paddling pool full of plastic toys. But we soon realised that she wasn´t fishing for the plastic toys... oh no, she was fishing for goldfish! REAL LIVE GODLFISH! She would ram the net into the water (catching the fishes fins) and then pick them up and tip them into her bucket. She was good at fishing, but brutal to say the least.

Whodda thought I could write so much about Goldfishes eh?

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