Monday, 29 June 2009

First impressions of Perth, 4th June

It was about 3pm by the time we made our way into Perth. I was cold. No one had told me Australia got this cold. I shivered on the bus into town. We got off the bus and it was grey and all the shops seemed to be closing.

We walked through the High Street and I felt like I was in Cardiff, but with different shops. Now don´t get me wrong, I love Cardiff, but I was expecting soemthing a little more in Perth. In all honesty, I was disappointed with Perth on my first impression.

We went and got a late lunch of sushi and then I bought some sun cream and mosi repellent and other supplies that needed replenishing.

I was still cold and was even contemplating buying some Ugg Boots to keep my feet warm.

We walked down to the river to grab a drink in a riverside bar. THe walk to the river was a little more itneresting. From here i could see the city scape of Perth and it looked cool. It was still a little grey so i wasn´t so incredibly excited, but it was nice still.

After picking up some bits for dinner we headed back on the bus, I was still cold. I didn´t like to say it to Gwil but I was not impressed with this place.

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