Monday, 29 June 2009

Falling in love with Perth, 6th June 2009

Saturday morning we jumped on the subway and made our way to Fremantle (about 20 minutes from Perth). As the subway drove throught the Perth Suburbs it was like going through Ramsey Street. I loved it. We got down to Freemantle and I was loving PErth even more. Straight off the train I was into a vintage/boutique type store with AMAZING clothes. Fremantle was what I expected Perth to be. There were loads of uniquey, cutesy shops that I just loved. I was zipping in and out of them like a kid in a sweetshop with the biggest smile on my face. I loved it. We even found some second hand book stores where I indulged in some books. After a pear and cheese pizza (can´t beleive I now like pears) we did some browsing in the market which was really cool. I can´t believe that just the other day i was not getting a good vibe from this place. After walking in lots of circles (Gwil is rubbish with directions) we eventually went to an art gallery where we met some of Gwil´s friends. From there we headed to Cottesloe Beach for sunset... I love Cottesloe Beach, it might not be the best beach in Oz but I fell in love with it instantly. It was better than the beaches in Koh Tao, and wasn´t as beautiful as Mira Beach in Malaysia, but I loved it still so much. Maybe because it really reminded me of the beach in Home and Away, but it was gorgeous. We grabbed a drink in a bar and watched the sun sink into the sea. It was lovely, and I was in love with this beach.

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