Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The end of the road, 30 May 2009

29 June was not only the lsat night of fun times in Shanghai, it was also the last night of the Jones and Harrison trip.

Originally Emma and I were due to complete this trip together. But for various reasons we decided to go our separate ways. Donçt panic, we havençt fallen out or anything dramatic, just there were lots of factors going on that made it better for us to carry on alone.

So Shanghai was our last stop together. After Shanghai Emma was heading to Vietnam and then down to Indonesia. She will be travelling to South America later in the year for just a few months. I on the other hand will be sticking to the original plan and will beheading to South America after two weeks in Australia.

So from now on this blog is all me and the randoms i meet along the way.

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