Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Dragon Boat Festival at Hangzhou

An hour and a half after we got back from the Irish pub watching the football we were awake again. We (Emma, KAth, Dave and I) were getting the early train to Hangzhou for a day trip.

The day was the 28th of June and for the Chinese it was the Dragon Boat Festival Day.

We set off tired, hung over and late for our train. Aftermuch sprinting through the train stations we made it for our train. We all slept on the train.

We arrived and after a minor detour we found our way to the lake where we were anticipating watching Dragon Boats. Except, there weren´t any Dragon Boats. But depite the lack of Dragon Boats on Dragon Boat Day we had a lush day (It´s a bit like Christmas Day without the Christmas).

Hangzhou is a lovely little CHinese city with a traditional feel. The Lake is very Chinese and hte surrounding hills are all very Chinese and there are pagodas and temples popping out of the hillside forests. We had a good full day exploring which was great and after we explored the lake we headed into a bamboo forest. After a steep climb we ended up in a lovely park. We even fell across some Chinese OPera which was quite quaint. We ate the traditional Dragon Boat Day rice snack wrappped in banana leaf (yummy) and tried to drink tea in a tea house but when we discovered the price we decided not to.

Before catching the 9pm train back to Shanghai we made a trip to Carrefour, and thus begins my next post...

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