Monday, 29 June 2009

Definitely the most expensive dinner so far, 5 June 2009

Emma and I have dined at a couple of expensive places on the trip, but these have been rare occasions, and we always keep the receipts as proof of purchase. When I say expensive I mean we spent nearly ten pounds on dinner rather than a pound or so.

But Gwil and I really pushed the boat out on our Friday night dinner. It was an absolutely beautiful evening at Lamonts restaurant in East Perth. We were greeted with complimentary Rose Champenoise and then dined finely with frois grois and the most amazing lamb. We finished the meal off with a cheese board, something I would never choose normally, but it felt just perfect after the meal and tasted amazing with Quince Jam. I even discovered a new taste for pears which I normally hate. Fine wines, fine food. Absolutely divine.

I kept the reciept for my scrap book.

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