Monday, 22 June 2009

A day in Macau, 2nd June

So after my hardcore trekking around Hong Kong City i decided that for my second day in HK I would head out of the city and to the nearby island of Macau. I hadn´t really ever intended on going there, but the guy in my dorm said it was great place to go and see while in Hong Kong... and I´m so glad I managed to make it there!

As soon as I stepped off the ferry I instantly felt a different vibe... I was still in China, but it felt differnt. It wasn´t like Hong Kong, it wasn´t like Shanghai or Beijing... here I was in the Portugese corner of China. And what a great blend Portugese and Chinese makes!

I spent the day wondering around. There were beautiful buidlings, plazas and churches. One of the most impressive churches was actually just a shell with only the front of the old church still standing. It was beautiful. The weather was lovely and it was so pleasant just to wander around the darling little streets and alleyways that felt so different to anything I had seen so far in China.

I ate this amzing custard tart that are local to Macau too that was truly delicious!

By the time i had seen all the things that I had wanted to see it was about 3pm and I was at a loss at what to do with the rest of my day. Then I bumped into Ted a Californian who was also daytripping in Macau. He too was sort of ´done´ with Macau but was heading to the VEnetian hotel to go and see the casino there. I´m not big on Casinos but I ended up joining him so I could go see the casino that everyone in HK, and the reast of CHina, raves about.

Oh my god. I wasnt in Portugese CHina anymore, oh no, i was immediately transported to Venice via Vegas! The hotel is apparently exactly the same as the one in Vegas (exactly the same!) but I was blown away bu it! Can i just point out that ihave never been to Vegas. The Macau Venetian is the biggest Casino floor outside of Vegas, it was HUGE! After an hour or so walking around taking photos in a truly touristic way we were done with it all and headed back to Hong Kong where we grabbed some food before heading to the most amazing bar in the world!

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