Sunday, 3 May 2009

Twelve hours in the hard seats, 3 May 2009

As I walked along the platform I looked into one of the sleeper carriages. It was luxurious. It probably cost a fortune, but with the feather pillows and duvets, the people riding in those carriages would definitely be getting sleep tonight.

Down at carriage 10 we found the hard seats, and yes they were hard!

I stowed my ruck sack under the seat and took out my hoodie as a cushion. Rather annoyingly I had lost my cow-shaped neck pillow on the bus to Halong Bay!

As the train set off the bench across was empty so Steven jumped on to the opposite bench and we both had the equivalent of two seats each. This was nice and I managed to cwtch up and get some sleep.

A few hours later and the train stopped and Steven was psushed off his bench. So then I was sat upright, but I was so tired that I still managed to sleep by using my small rucksack as a head support. Awesome.

A few hours later again another bench became free and I was back to having two seats to myself again. woop!

It wasn't the most comfortable journey ever, but I got a fair amount of sleep maybe about eight hours. To say how much I was dreading it, I was really lucky that it worked out ok.

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