Sunday, 3 May 2009

Threading, again, 30 April 2009

As I wandered around Hoi An on my final morning I was accosted in the Old Town by a woman who insulted me by telling my eyebrows were overgrown. I didn't think they were too bad actually. I hadn't touched them with tweezers since I had them threaded in India and I had been thinking that they could maybe do with a little tidy up.

We agreed 10,000 dong (less than 50p) and I was taken to her little stall for my eyebrows to be tidied.

Oh my god, did it hurt? Ouch! The lady in India was fast and pain free, the Vietnamese lady was slow and most definitely not pain free! It hurt loads, really loads! But my eyebrows looked good, so I wasn't complaining/

Once the eyebrows were done, she offered to thread my legs. Again her price was a reasonable four pounds, but after the pain of the eyebrows I wasn't sure if could sit through anymore. I looked at my legs closely and decided that they definitely needed something doing to them. I agreed.

I'm used to waxing my legs back home, i don't find it painful in the slightest, but having your legs threaded is an altogether different story.

Everytime i let out a yelp the little lady would repeat the mantra "No Pain, No Gain". Thorugh gritted teeth I repeated her mantra with my body squirming and writhing all over the place as she pulled every single hair from my leg.

It took thrity minutes to do the front of one leg. I had to catch my next bus in 45 minutes. There was no way she was going to finish. I reminded her of my bus and her response was this: "Worry not." She let out a whistle and two more women came along with their spools of thread.

As if the pain wasn't bad enough already, I now had the pain coming from three different parts of my legs and three different voices singing "no pain, no gain" to me! Arghhh!

After an hour and ten minutes of constant pain I had nice smooth legs! Lovely jubbly!

I took my money out to pay her, and at this point the cheeky mare tried it on. She insisted that we had agreed to 4pounds a leg, and so she wanted 8 pounds. I wasn't having any of it so gave her the agreed fee and walked away. She didn't bother to chase me, so it was clear she was trying it on. Hoenstly, the cheek!

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