Thursday, 7 May 2009

There was one thing I promised mum I wouldn't do, 5 May 2009

Before I left home I promised mum that I wouldn't go riding any
motorbikes. Well, I haven't been able to keep that promise. Sometimes
a motortaxi has been the only way to get to a place in which case I
have had to take one, but I have never chosen to take a motorbike when
there has been another option. Until today.

The reason I promised not ride any motorbikes was because of Laura's
incident in Thailand - she got a nasty burn on her calf when the
exhaust of a bike fell on her. I have seen a fair few backpackers
travelling around with similar burns. I didn't want any burns.

So, Sapa... is a nice town, but to see anything you have to get out of
the town. Aside from the nearby villages in the surrounding valleys,
all the other points of interest are out of reach on foot. You can pay
outrageous prices for tours of the local sites, but myself and Steven
(the Belgian guy I met in Hanoi) decided to hire a motorbike to get
around and see the local highlights.

Now, if it were me and Emma alone in Sapa with no motorbike driving
experience I would not have got on a bike, but Steven is a big biker
back home, so I felt comfortable riding around with him.

In a day we travelled about 130km! It was awesome as we got to see so
much that we wouldn't normally see. We saw some amazing paddy fields
and some awesome views of Fansipan (Vietnam's biggest peak), we even
found a gorgeous waterfall. We traveeled to some of the villages that
were further away and it was interesting to see they where the rice
farmers live and work. It was a really good day and a really good way
to explore the area around Sapa.

The roads were pretty steep, and some parts weren't up to UK
standards, but Steven took it all slowly and carefully so that I
didn't feel too uncomfortable. I even got off and walked through some
parts that were particularly ridden with potholes.

Now, I'm not gunna lie... we did have a teeny tiny weeny accident. But
apart from a slight graze on my hand I was absolutely fine and Steven
just got a bump on his leg. So don't panic mum! We were coming back to
the hotel, which is on a really, really steep hill and the bike
stalled as it wasn't in a low enough gear. The bike conked out and we
took a tumble onto the road. My legs were on foot rests above the
exhaust so there were no burns, and my long trousers and rain coat
protected my arms and legs from any grazes. So I was ABSOLUTELY fine!

The day trip was really good, but after a day on a bike I was pretty
biked-out. My thighs were aching because they were tensed for most of
the journey, and my back was aching from the lack of seat. My ears
were ringing too from the constant noise of the wind in my ears.

SO that was that, my first proper bike experience. It was ok, but who
knows when I'll be on a bike again next.

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  1. oh my gosh,i felt like i was reading my story, careful mylittle friend, don't get confidence to it but well done for getting off and walking!Also well done for covering up!i was in shorts and a vest-ooopsss!!!xxxxxxx