Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sex and the Ho Chi Minh City, 24 April 2009

So I left Emma in Cambodia doing her volunteering and ventured further into Asia solo.

Except it wasn't really solo. I made friends with Nina and Kirsty on the bus and when we landed in Ho Chi Minh City we took a cab and went on the hunt for a hotel room together.

With a hotel room found we headed for lunch and didn't get much further. We had intended on going to the war museum that afternoon but we were all chatting too much over our leisurely lunch and we realised we wouldn't have long enough to explore the museum before it closed. So we did what girls do best... hit the shops! Or in the case of Ho Chi Minh City, the market!

Oh my god the market was amazing. It was full of beautiful, shiny, glittery things, and we three girls stuggled to restrain ourselves. I invested in a gorgeous little watch, some may call it garish, others may think it hideous, but, for me, it was love at first sight.

After a few hours in the market Nina, Kirsty and I were shopped out and in need of cocktails. But first, we had to get ready!

Donning the best outfits our backpacks held we made our way to the centre of Ho Chi Minh nightlife... Go Bar. This place matched the frenzy and chaos of the rest of the city. Outside were a million touts, and because each floor inside the bar was different, all of them were competing with each other! Literal chaos.

So with cocktails on a "Buy 2 get 1 Free" offer we went for all the Vietnamese cliches imaginable: "Good Morning Vietnam", "Miss Saigon"... ok there were only two cliche cocktails so we finished off with a Manhattan - they didn't know what a Cosmo was! Can you believe it!

Night time in Ho Chi Minh City was buzzy and great, it wasn't quite New Yoik City but it was a super fun night.

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