Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sapa, dare I say it...? 5 May 2009

Everyone I have met who has been to Sapa raves about it. So in light
of these rave reviews and the fact that it is the closest/nicest place
in Vietnam to the Chinese border, I decided to go there.

I spent two whole days in Sapa and I hate to say it, but it's a little
overrated! There, i said it. It's probably what loads of tourists and
travellers want to say but daren't.

The landscape is beautiful with all the paddy fields across the
valleys. It's fascinating to see the hill tribe communities tending to
the rice by hand in the same way that has been done for the last few
hundred years.

But Sapa as a town is just saturated with tourists with hefty wallets.
It is a big, fat tourist trap and unless you get out into the outlying
villages you don't really see any culture, just a lot of people trying
to sell you bags and earrings.

Unlike the vast majority of backpackers I met, I didn't lose my heart
in Sapa. But it did make me love the UK more. Ok, we don't have paddy
fields and hill tribes, but we do have some beautiful scenery that is
comparable with the landscape here.

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