Monday, 18 May 2009

People in the People's Park, 18th May 2009

So we set off for the People's Park at about 3pm yesterday. We didn't get there until 7pm. There were too many shops distracting us on the walk there.

But arriving at 7pm was perfect. The park was alive.

Communal dances, tai chi, sword swailing, ballet-esque martial arts, and aerobic classes.

Wandering round was amazing. The people watching was fun.

It was so lovely to see old and young people dancing together as a social activity.

There was one guy who made me laugh, he ambled around looking for a partner to dance with, but one never came to dance with him. So instead he joined the aerobics class on the other side of the space. He was brilliantly unco-ordinated and performed every move 2 beats after everyone else. So funny.

There were loads of kids around too. They all wiggled about on two wheel skate boards (those snake board things that never caught on back home).

Another fascinating sight was the happy clappers. Some of the just stood clapping sporadically. Others clapped by slapping there hand on different parts of their bodies.

People should do this sort of thing back home more. It's really fun.

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