Thursday, 7 May 2009

Panic in the internet cafe, 7 May 2009

So after my exhausting bike ride I decided to have a little bit of an
internet sesh. Here I am now! But this internet/blogging sesh has not
been the norm. I started writing my first post "There may be dragons",
it was all written and I went to publish the post. But the silly
internet wouldn't let me publish. I faffed and I tried to make it all
work, but no... in CHina i cannot publish my blog!

I'm sure avid fans can imagine my trauma! I was beside myself, what could I do?

So, in the interest of public information, the blog posts published
today have all been written by me in one big long email to Gwil, and
Gwil has kindly published the posts for me. Thank you Gwil, we all
appreciate it!

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