Sunday, 3 May 2009

A new type of noodle, 29 April 2009

I have been in South East Asia for 42 days. And I can see, with great coinfidence, that I have eaten at least one meal of noodles every day for the last 42 days.

And, I'm not bored of them yet!

Noodles back home are essentially Sharwoods wheat noodles. Delicious, yes, but out here noodles come in all shapes and sizes.

Mama Noodles are essentially super noodles. Sometimes you get duped into a meal that is served with Mama Noodles and not proper noodles!

Thin rice noodles are yummy.

Fat rice noodles are so glutinous and chewy that they are just the best.

Standard wheat noodles have appeared in Vietnam.

Green noodlez are pretty good too.

We've only had one noodle incident so far, and that was in Siem Reap. We ordered Mama noodle with pork, expecting that Mama noodles were the fat rice noodles i.e. Big Fat Mama noodles. They weren't, they were super noodles. The word disappointed just didn't cut it.

So anyway, I've just discovered a new noodle at a little stall by the river in Old Hanoi. The dish is a local one called Cao Lau and the noodles were awesome, thick and juicy goodness. The best way for me to describe this is the the crisps "French Fries" but soft and noodly! YUMM! Served with gammon, green leaves, croutons and beansprouts. THis is my new fabourite Vietnamese dish!

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