Thursday, 7 May 2009

My name is Amy and I am an addict, 6 May 2009

No, I'm not addicted to anyhting bad or naughty, c'mon this is me! I'm
addicted to Lychees. They are everywehre and are super cheap!
Delicious and nutricious I can get through a massive bunch in minutes!

I remember the first time I ate a lychee, they were on the reduced
counter at tesco when i was bout 11 or 12 and I made mum buy them so I
could try them. I think we only got 8 lychees for a pound. So
expensive. I didn't really like them, they were a bit strange to eat.

I lvoe them now. And I can buy 40 lychees for 20pence. Life is good!

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