Monday, 18 May 2009

The last twelve days in China (A brief overview)

8th May - Emma finally arrived at YuanYang and we walked to the village of Xincou (actually went into the village - although there wasn't much of interest going on). Dined for 30pence on noodles and a variety of things on skewers.

9th May - Caught the bus to Kunming. Spent the best part of the day on a bus. Checked in to a very posh hotel (well, it had a nice lobby but rubbish rooms) and filled our bladders with free tea. We then made our way to a lovely little restaurant.

10th May - Perused the tourist market by the train station in Kunming then headed to the Rock Forest at Shillin. Returned that evening and made several purchases at the tourist market by the Kunming train station. Got on a sleeper bus to Dali.

11th May - Arrived in Dali at 5am, after finding a hostel we wandered round the streets of Dali and probably spent too much money on things I don't really need! Trekked up the mountain on ponies and then walked on to my favourite waterfall yet! Came back down again on ponies.

12th May - Decided to walk to the seventh biggest freshwater lake in China (4km out of Dali). We ended up setting off at midday so decided to get the bus. Got on a bus that took us to a different part of the lake than we wanted to be. Ended up going round pretty much the entire lake by bus. Got dropped off, we enjoyed the lake and an ice cream and then headed back.

13th May - Took bus to Lijiang. After some skilful map reading and directions we fell across Mama Naxi's guesthouse. We settled in and then explored the surrounding area - which consisted of more shops! Had dinner at Mama Naxi's kitchen. Immense.

14th May - HEaded up to the lake in Lijiang and spent a few hours chillaxing in the beautful surroundings. Visited the park and a temple at the top of the hill. Went back to Mama Naxis for dinner. Yum.

15th May - Morning bus to Tiger Leaping Gorge. Started mini-trek at 2pm and walked until 7pm. Beautiful, beautiful scenery. Slightly tricky at the 28 bends - very steep climb - but not as bad as people made it out to be. Slept in some Chinese mountain lodge, think a swiss log cabin with a chinese twist.

16th May - Walked till 1pm - more beautiful scenery along an easier path. Then back to Lijiang.

17th May - Morning in the shops then on the bus to Chegdu at 1pm.

18th May - Arrive at Chengdu at 1pm (24 hour bus). Wander around the city then head to the park. People watching in the park!

19th May - Morning, get up and go the Panda Breeding Centre. PANDAS! Midday - blogging sesh. Evening - Learning to cook sushi.

So that is pretty much what Emma and I have been up to for the last few days.

Shopping has dominated more heavily in the last twelve days than it has it previous parts of the trip, but we have seen a lot of beautiful scenery and had lots of other fun too. Now that you haev had this overview I'm going to write some proper blog posts. Enjoy x

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