Saturday, 2 May 2009

I've heard a lot of bad things about Vietnam, 25 April 2009

Now this is going to be the post that really tempts the fates...

Before coming to Vietnam I had heard so many things about bus drivers demanding more money, dodgy taxi drivers, fake train tickets. As I entered Vietnam I was on guard and waiting for all this to happen.*

I know I've only been in Ho Chi Minh a day, but I have met lovely people and feel safe and happy in the heart of this mental city. I realise that there is more to Vietnam than Ho Chi Minh, but if this is a sign of things to come, I just know I'm going to love it here.

* Don't worry I haven't let my guard down yet!

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  1. I lived in Vietnam for 2 years and I can tell you as a tourist you have no idea how corrupt and discracefull that whole country is.The poor people are the only honest ones there---the rest and particulary the government,cops,any official,taxis,buses and pretty much everything is corrupt beyond your immagination.The government covers up how many deseases that can kill or seriously harm you that are out there in Vietnam(even bottled water is not safe as most places that bottle it do nothing more than put tap water in it and sell it to you--meat that is served in a lot of resturants is deseased(such as blue ear desease) a rule the only time Vietnamese people smile at you is if they have just charged you three times what something is worth and you are thinking you got a good deal--in Ho Chi Minh district 1 is where all the tourists are funneld into and most every trip by bus etc. is goverment owned and run under a different name so they monopolise everything.The whole system in Vietnam is designed to keep the poor out of sight of tourists and keep all the tourists on a track so they only see tourist areas and not the starving -sick-malnourished-so tourist just think Vietnam is a wonderful place but in reality it is a living hell for 80% of it;s people(if you dont believe me just go to any Vietnamese run hospital and look around at the filth and stench(three people to one bed-dirty everything-people transfering deseases to each other-doctors that have no training but are listed as doctors.There are so many scams I cant tell you about them all but one is if you use a debit card from your country(say you take out 4 million dong-within usualy 24 hrs you are debited twice for that same amount so you recived 4 million but your bank account was debited twice for 4 million.The companies that own the ATM mahines are the ones stealing from you.When you get home from your holidays try and get your bank to reimberce you for the fraud on your card(good luck)-these guys know this in vietnam and thats why they dont care.A word of advise to any one wanting to travel to Vietnam is DON"T-there are a lot of asian countries that are much better and alot more honest than vietnam.Even the beaches like Nha Trang have junkies shooting up on the beaches at night and thowing their needels in the sand for people to step on-also they deficate and urinate on the beaches at night and the tide dosent come up high enough to wash it away so when your lying on the beach just think what you might be laying on.When traveling on the buses at night you are taking your life in your hands as buses regularly go off high roads or have head ons with trucks.lots of tourists are killed in traffic accidents every year but the government keeps this little fact from the press by not allowing them to print these mishaps.Most drivers arent even licenced to drive the bus and especialy with air brakes.Theft is also very high on buses and not just for foriegners but locals as well.The food you may be eating may look good but go in the kitchen of any resturant and take a look at sanitary conditions and you will puke.I have seen rats running around on the counter tops and reliving themselves on the counter and when cooking resumes the counters arent even wiped down.I have had bread with rat droppings cooked right into it.I have traveled the asian part of the world for over 30 years and as far as i'm concerned Vietnam is the most corrupt and disgusting of them all and would advise anyone wishing to travel there to find an alternative place and you will be glad you did--Joe