Monday, 18 May 2009

I heart Mama Naxi's, 13,14,16 May 2009

Mama Naxi's Guest House in Lijiang is recommended by the Lonely Planet. It's been a while since we took a Guest House recommended by Lonely Planet, but now that we are travelling in parts where Guest Houses and Hostels are spread all over cities (and not in condensed Backpack areas) it is proving to be quite helpful.

We were taken to our room first and we were impressed with the bunk beds! Shelves above our heads and cubby holes for your shoes, all topped off with a thick white duvet. Not bad at all.

We were recommended to take dinner there on our first night, and despite our reluctance to eat so early at 6pm, we were very glad when we did.

All the guests were sat around big tables and plates of food were brought out and refilled until everyone was full. You never had to ask for rice, it always refilled by magic, which is the same for the tea there too! The food was delicious and I could easily have eaten the plate of broccoli to myself. The meat was fantastic and it was all lovely. It was like being at home and having a big family meal.

Added to this lovely family feel is Mama Naxi herself. She keeps the guesthouse in check with her fast, shouting commands. At any given moment she is topping up tea, aiding three different travellers with travel advice, rearranging furniture, and dishing out bananas. One night at Mama Naxi's is something that should not be missed on a cultural tour of China.

I think I'm gunna go all out, and declare Mama Naxi's my favourite guesthouse yet.

A nice touch is the good luck charm you are given when you leave. It's a small bag of herbs on a string with bells attached. Sadly, I won't be taking this charm with me, only out of the fear that airport customs will find something illegal in this herbal mix.

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  1. I guarantee that Australia would have found lots illegal with this so probably a good job you didnt bring it!