Sunday, 3 May 2009

Halong Bay, 1 May 2009

Despite the stress and trauma of what to do and where to go, my four hour boat ride was lovely.

Halong Bay is absolutely spectacular.

From the bus you could see the individual islands out at sea, and when you reached them by boat it was stunning.

Halong Bay is probably the most beautiful natural wonder that I have seen on this trip so far. The limestone islands are so dramatic and evocative.

Given the crap, rainy weather that I have had in Vietnam I was surprised to have an aftrenoon of sunshine. It was a beautiful blue sky back drop to the magical scenery.

We even went in two the caves which were awesome. There were so many faces hiding in the stalagmites and stalagtites.

In the space of 4 hours, I took 225 photographs. Many of which HAVE to be deleted, but it was such a beautiful sight that I kept having to take photos to capture it all! So lovely! If you ever go to Vietnam and you miss Halong Bay, you have seriously missed out.

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