Sunday, 3 May 2009

A fitting at the tailors: Heaven or Hell?, 29 April 2009

As I walked over to the tailors I was petrified. What were they going to give me? Jeans that were too short? Skinny jeans? A dress that looked nothing like the picture? A dress that looked nothing like my biro sketch?\

The jeans were ready and waiting for me and they fit perfectly. It was a delight to put them on and such a relief too. They even had a Dolce and Gabbanna button! At least if the dresses were crap I had a decent pair of jeans for sixty quid! Cringe!

I had to wait for the dresses. My nerves got worse as I sat chatting to the shop assistants. Thirty minutes later they appeared.

On with the Stella McCartney dress first. The fabric was lush and it was all on the cut. I pulled it on and I fell in love with it. Soooo pretty. I'm not been funny, but it was better than the one that Ms McCartney herself designed!

The second dress looked beautiful and as I put it on I was superhappy.

The experience was such a relief. There were just a few tiny alterations to be made to the dresses but all was good. I was back in heaven again.

The thought of wasting 60 quid on two dresses and jeans had been eating me alive for the past 24 hours. It was such a relief to have got the results that I wanted and two pretty-pretty dresses. Heaven!

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  1. whoopppeeee!i'll create an event for you to wear them too,but probably won't be a wedding!!!!!!xxx