Sunday, 3 May 2009

Err... excuse me there's a rat/mouse in my room, 29 April 2009

As I mentioned before, my hotel in Hoi An has a really strange set up. I had it to myself the first night, but on the second night I had a Japanese roomy... and a rat/mouse!

When I came in this evening the room was empty. I saw a flash of a tail scutter under the bed which I assumed was a lizard. How weird that the lizard is on the floor, they normally cling to the walls!

So I got on with my bits and pieces and was pottering around. The Japanese guy came in and straight away showed me his biscuit box that he had left on his bed - gnaw marks all over it. He pointed and announced there was a rat!

I wasn't having it. No, no, no.

Yes, yes, yes. "I saw the rat" said the Japanese guy.

So I hadn't seen a lizard's tail, I'd seen a rat's tail. Oh joy!

I've already apologised to the dude in case I wake up in the night screaming!

Thirty minutes later.

I've just seen the rat. I think it's actually a mouse. It's too small to be a rat. Or maybe it's a baby rat. Yuk!

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