Thursday, 7 May 2009

An early morning jog, 5 May 2009

Well, it was hardly early, it was more like mid-morning.

And, to be fair, it was more of a sprint than a jog. A sprint for my life.

So, I'd gone to collect my laundry from a launderette around the
corner from my hotel at 9am. Steven (the Belgian guy I travelled to
Sapa with) and I had planned a day trip so I just had to collect my
laundry before we set off.

So I got to the laundrette and there was a bit of a faff looking for
my laundry, but they got there in the end and back I went to the

As I was walking along I saw a couple of dogs playing in the street
and a bigger dog watching close by. As I got closer I heard the bark
of another dog. Then the barking dog appeared from a gateway. It was
big. Then the big barking dog started making its way towards me. It
was running towards me. It was going to kill/eat me.

I was running so fast and screaming so loud that my lungs hurt. The
dog was really close. I contemplated throwing my bag of laundry at it,
but then I realised that I would then have to go back and retrieve the
laundry. The dog got closer and closer and I couldn't see anyone
around for protection. Then I saw a side street, with people,
clutching my laundry I pelted up the side street and once I got close
to other people the dog stopped and went back.

It took a good few minutes to get my breath back. I was so relieved to
be alive. I couldn't believe it. If i'd tripped or stumbled I'd have
been dog food.

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  1. oh my gosh!!!!well done for running so fast!!!!!xxxx