Saturday, 2 May 2009

A day on the Mekong Delta, 26 April 2009

Dad used to sing a song to me when I was little about the Mekong Delta. I knew I wouldn't have time to get to the Mekong Delta solo, so with a Mekong Delta day trip on offer I just had to do it. I mean I'd swum in the Mekong River (well tubed, actually), but this was the Mekong Delta... this is what Dad used to sing about.

I'd be lying if I was saying it was an amazing day. It was ok. I was expecting beautiful scenery along the river banks, but what I got was something very industrial and very built up with industrial fishermen at work. There weren't actually that many islands in the part of the Mekong that we visited either. We crossed to 4 different islands: Unicorn, Dragon, Tortoise and Phoenix Islands. I didn't see any Unicorns, Dragons, Tortoises or Phoenixes which, of course, was a disapointment. The islands themselves were very pretty. And we took a rowing boat through the rivers of one of the islands. That was probably the highlight of the day. The small rivers were banked with water coconut trees, big palm leaves and mangroves. There were kids swimming along, people fishing and a rustic island life was going along as normal. This is what I expected from the Mekong Delta. I guess I just expected it ALL to be like that. I was disappointed by the Mekong Delta, but at least I got a small flavour of what I expected.

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