Monday, 18 May 2009

Bitten by the shopping bug

Both Emma and I have been good at resisting the temptations of shopping for the trip so far. But since China, this has definitely started to change.

Earrings - 3 pairs - 1 pound/pair
Bracelets - 2 - 1 pound/bracelet
Necklace - 1 - 1 pound
Jeans - 1 - 10 pounds - these are not just jeans, these are customised jeans decorated with chinese-style artwork
Watch - 1 - 20 pence - from a '2 Yuan Shop' - my other watch finally died a death, this new one is red and like a power rangers watch, it has a small Santa Claus on the face and says Merry Christmas.
Dresses - 2 - 2 for less than ten quid - really, really, really pretty! What I shame I'll be returning to autumn/winter in the UK.
Shirt - 1 - 3 pounds - the starting price on this was like 12 pounds, a fair price for the shirt but not what I was prepared to pay, as I walked away they offered me this ridiculous price, I should have said no, but couldn't!
Top - 1 - 3 pounds - i haven't seen another like it
Shoes - 1 pair - 2 pounds, beautiful and chinesey, i'm wearing them now.

God, when you write it all down in a list, there really is a lot. Yikes! My bag is getting heavy as I travel through China.

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