Saturday, 2 May 2009

The best border crossing yet... Getting into Vietnam, 24 April 2009

Border crossings can sometimes be a bit of a hassle and faff. But the crossing from Cambodia into Vietnam was easy peasy. Probably aided by the fact that you had to have your visas in advance so there was none of that malarkey.

We all got off the bus and got back on as our name was read out. Then we had to take all our bags and put them through x-ray machines which was smmoth and hassle free. And then we had the joy of Duty Free. Admittedly it sold little more than toothpaste, but it was DUTY FREE toothpaste! Get in!

Then we were back on the bus and in Ho Chi Minh City in a matter of hours. Easy. I wish all border crossings were so easy.

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