Sunday, 3 May 2009

Auld Lang Syne, 30 April 2009

Part of the Mekong Delta day trip involved a little traditional music show. It was cute, a little painful on the eardrums in part, but lovely. As the singers and musicians sung out for the finale I was shocked at what I was hearing. This sounded just like Auld Lang Syne.

I was surrounded by Ozzies but managed to lean over to a Cornish guy and ask him if he was hearing the same thing. He shrugged his shoulders, "it sounds the same, but I'm not sure". It was a real 'same, same, but different' scenario. The tune was the same, but with the Vietnamese lyrics it was hard to definitely say that it was Auld Lang Syne.

When I was in Hoi An old town yesterday I watched another musical performance that ended with Auld Lang Syne again. This time I was sure of what I was hearing!

It is really bizarre and disorientating to hear a tune that is so familiar with home and New Year in the middle of Vietnam, really bizarre.

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  1. Hi Amy,

    I live in Japan now and we always have Auld Lang Syne playing when the shops close or at the end of ceremonies. It signals the end of something - either shopping hours, or school terms etc. I don't know the history of Auld Lang Syne at home but we always sing it at the end of a year so maybe it is connected in someway! I don't know about the rest of Asia, but in Japan they are singing the same lyrics, just in Japanese (or the closest they can anyway!)
    Might go some way towards solving the mystery! Hope you are having fun
    Avalyn x