Thursday, 7 May 2009

And now I'm in China... 6 May 2009

China is a long way from home, so it feels really weird that getting
to China was so easy. For me, China should be a place that takes a
long flight to reach. Walking over a bridge from Vietnam just seems a
little too easy.

Immigration wasn't too bad. I had my body temperature measured and had
to detail all of the places I had been in the last 14 days - Swine
Flu. But other than that it was easy as pie.

So there I was in China, without a guide book, without a phrasebook
(Emma had both), all I knew was I had to find the bus station and an
ATM by 10am. I walked around and saw neither buses nor banks. I tried
to fumble through with some locals but failed miserably. Then I
bumped into a Swiss guy with a guidebook (a guide book that included a
glossary of words). We then bumped into the YuanYang bus driver and he
took us to the bus station. These really are well-worn roads that I am
travelling on!

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