Friday, 10 April 2009

Things never go to plan...

Last time I was online, I outlined a frantic plan involving floating river markets and a couple of days in Chaing Mai.

But the plan failed. But that definitely hasn't been a bad thing.

We made Erawan Waterfall which was truly beautiful. There were a million billion butterflies that just didn't stop flying all day. Incredible. The swim at the top was lovely too. Super cool and the fish were a bit vicious with their bites, but lovely.

That night we desperately tried to make it to the Damnoen Sadouak for the floating market. We failed. There were some stupid toruists on the bus who insisted on stopping for the toilet, and this meant we wasted time and missed our bus.

We carried on into Bangkok and went to bed.

The next day all the plans changed. Chaing Mai was off the radar and Bangkok and Pattaya were on.

I wanted a day in Bangkok to buy a camera and see the temples. So I spent Monday doing this. The Grand Palace was brilliant. It was so nice to see the bright gold and intricate ornaments looking so beautiful. In india, they would have looked gaudy and ugly, but the Thai influence meant they were a bit more sophisticated and not too garish - well, for the most part. After the Grand Palace I headed to Wat Pho, but it was closed (public holiday!) so I jumped in with a tuk-tuk driver who offered to show me the sights for 10baht. Of course this came at an expense, I had to go into shops so he could get his commission which came in the form of petrol coupons, but he explained that if i spent 5 minutes in each shop he would get commission just for me being in there. So i was happy to oblige and even happier that he would still get some commission if I didn't buy anything. So, for a two and a half hour ride, I spent 30 minutes in total in three different shops. I go to see lots of sights that I wouldn't have reached on foot, and he got 3 coupons. After dinner that night, I headed down to the Kao San market. I was very restrained and bought just a dress. A very nice dress, not very suitable for travelling, but one that could be appropriate for a very nice dinner in Perth. Ahem.

The next day was a visa day. The Chinese embassy. All a bit busy and mental. This was followed by some good time spent on buses so we could work out how to get to Laos. We worked it out so that was a success. That evening we headed to Damnoen Saduak for the floating market. In the process of getting three wrong buses there was one almighty storm. I will write more about this at some point soon. Needless to say, we got wet. Ming!

We arrived at Damnoen Saduak and booked our boat tour for the following mronign. The floating market was really cool. Again more about this soon.

Then after the market I headed straight to Pattaya for a few days with Wendy and Gary Harris. When I finally arrived at their house it was total heaven. I had three rooms all to myself. A dressing room and table with lights. It was bliss. But as soon as the rucksack was open it wasn't quite the same! I spent Wendesday and Thursday night with them at Pattaya and came back to Bangkok this morning with their driver Sam. There is lots to say about Pattaya but that is for another post altogether, indeed!

I met up with Emma and picked up our visas. Then I took a boat ride on the Khlongs and went to Wat Pho.

We are just a bout to go get the night bus to Laos. It's gunna be a long bus ride to the bus station and then an overnighter. Figners crossed I get some sleep! So the next time I write, I shall be in Laos. This trip is certainly whizzing by.

I promise to write some more very soon, as I have taken to writing in rough with the intention of copying up online. I will do some copying up very soon. Honest.

Love to everyone reading this.

Amy x

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