Saturday, 18 April 2009

Technical hitches - 18th April 2009

Right, I'm having a few problems. There are five computers in this hotel. And there is free internet access. One computer is broken. Three are in use. And this computer that I'm on doesn't have a mouse. SO without a mouse I am use CTRL and SHIFT keys to navigate around websites. This is fine, except I can't fathom how to write titles for these blog posts. So the last post about Dolphins should be titled ""Dolphin Hunters - 14th April 2009"".

I'm going to continue now with these blog posts all within this same post. So everything will be in a bit of a mish mash.

Honestly, technology.

I want to ride my bicycle - 13th April 2009.

We've seen a lot of places where you can rent bicycles. But in most places where we've seen bikes to rent we haven't been able to., mainly because of the state of the roads and the traffic. But Don Det is quiet. There are no cars and bikes are every where.

The famous four - Amy, Emma, Chris and Hannah - all set off armed with a picnic and a bicycle each.

Cycling round the island of Don Det and Don Khon (connected by an old railway bridge) was lovely. The grass smelled sweet and the wind was in our hair. We found our way to a lovely waterfall and a beach where we had our picnic of crisp sandwiches, bananas and watermelon. Divine!

In a day we travelled the length and breadth of both islands. In fact I think we went down evewry single track possible on Don Det as we adventured around the island.

The bikes were a little bit rubish. Dodgy breaks, rubbish chains, crap bike bells.

It was a lovely day though, and was even worth the saddle ache that ensued that evening. Although it was eased off quite nicely by the Don Det Iced Teas that night.

New Year in Laos - 14th-16th April

I ahven't yet written about Thai New Year, but Thailand, Laos and Cambodia all of have there new year at this time of year.

Strangely, it's a three day event. And desppite experienceing a little bit of new year in each of the aforementioned countries I have still not worked out which day (of the three day celebration) is actually New Years Day. It's all a bit confusing. But it's all a wicked party.

The peace and idyll of this Mekong Island is completely disturbed by msuic players cranked up to the max! Seriously to the max! The music becomes so distorted it's almost painful to lsiten to. And it doesn't stop all night. BUt depite the racket you can still manage to get to sleep amid the partying.

Except, there isn't much partying going on to be honest. The music is blaring but people just seem to sit around chatting while the music plays. The atmospher areound the island on the new year periood was very relaxed and everyone was sitting around enjoying themselves with their families.

Right, I think that's about all I have to say on Laos. We didn't really spend very long there at all. We arrived on 10.4.09 and left early on the 15.4.09. I might write some more things in retrospect, but for the minute, that is everythin I have to say about Laos. It was a breif flit in the country, but different, and relaxing.

Things I will write about at some point soon...

From Thailand:

Traveeling at Songkran (New Year)
The Bright Lights of Pattaya
Cabbages and COndoms

From Cambodia:

New Year in Cambodia
More Waterfalls and a Volcano Lake
Bumpy Roads

And, From India:

The Taj Mahal
Eyebrow Threading
The Dhobi Ghat.

Jeez, there is so much to catch up on, will have to have a proper catch up sesh when I finally reach Oz.

Lots of love to everyone, I'm off to go see Angkor Wat by Sunset now. Ciao. x

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