Friday, 24 April 2009

Right here, right now... 24 April, 2009

So, you guessed it, it's another little catch up blog where i tell you the essence of what i've been up to the last few days. But, have no fear I've been doing lots of writing in my Penguin Classics Notebook and I be will typing it up as soon as I have the time.

15/4 - Enter Cambodia arrive aat Ban Lung
16/4 - Waterfalls and Swimming in a Volcanic Lake
17/4 - Bus journey to Siem Reap
18/4 - A day in Siem Reap (SHOPPING)
19/4 - Temples, temples, temples at Angkor Wat
20/4 - Bus trip to Phnom Penh
21/4 - A day of walking in Phnom Penh
22/4 - A day of sadness with Killing Fields and Detention Centres
23/4 - A day in court watching the Khmer Rouge Trial - An afternoon at the palace - Roller Blading
24/4 - Bus Trip to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

So, yip there's the bear bones. Emma is still in Cambodia and the two of us will be meeting up again in China in two weeks. Right now I have Happy Hour Cocktails calling my name... so I best be off. Ciao. x

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