Saturday, 4 April 2009


Mira Beach was literally Paradise.

This beach on the Small Perhentian Island had been recommended to us by Maggie and Caren who had been there earlier in the year.

We have a photo of Mira Beach. It doesn't look real. It looks like a picture you would see on a postcard. Except it isn't a picture on a postcard, it is a real beach.

There were literally 8 huts on our beach (so a maximum on 16 guests).

It wasn't the cheapest place in the world, but at eight pounds a night (for 2 of us) it certainly wasn't the most expensive place.

Added to the beautiful setting were the kindest hosts. Azaha and his wife Zee were just lovely. And the guys that worked there were lovely too.

It was such a nice place to spend a few days relaxing.

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