Monday, 27 April 2009

One more thing about Laos before I tell you tales of Cambodia

A Traditional Laos BBQ

When you leave Laos it is impossible to change any currency you have left. So on our last night in Don Det it was perfectly justifiable to splurge on dinner.

First of all a heavy pot filled with hot charcoals was brought to our table, then a funky little device was brought to put on top of the charcoals. It was a bit like a lemon squeezer... it had a rim for liquids and a dome for placing meat on. Then came the raw meat, the raw noodles, the raw veg and the broth.

We did have to wait over an hour for it to come, this was a bit of a joke considering it was all raw!

We poured the broth into the rim and that came to the boil and cooked the veg and noodles all lovely and juicy. Then we had the meat on the top grilling away.

It was amazing.

The meat was perfectly cooked.

Such an awesome way to eat! I've since seen the same thing advertised as a traditional Cambodian BBQ also.

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