Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Koh Tao: the island where everything went wrong

To be honest the last few days in Koh Tao have been as far away from a heavenly paradise as you can imagine. Well, maybe I'm laying it on a bit thick, but the last few days have been eventful.

There was the camera incident of course. (Read below)

But before the camera incident came something much worse.

I think I mentioned that we had managed to find a hut for our first night in Koh Tao that was cheap as chips at 150Baht (3 Pounds). The only snag was that there was no electricity and no water. But this didn't bother us, we have headtorches!

So we came back home at about 11.30pm after a fairly low key evening with a couple of beers on the beach.

As we walked up to the hut I noticed that the light was on. Woo, we had electricity. Bonus.

As we got to the door I could hear running water.

As I opened the door I saw running water.

As I stepped trhough the door I was standing in pools of water.

In slow motion I ran for the tap and switched it off.

I looked at the damage.

The first thing we noticed was the portable safe. This safe has been a brilliant investment in security for us when travelling: passports, money, video camera, cameras, ipods all get locked away in this little beauty when we go out. To keep it secure we lock it to a fixed fixture.

The secure fixture that the safe was attached to in this hut was the pipe beneath the sink. The pipe beneath the sink which had suddenly switched itself on during the evening.

The safe was drenched and we were both petrified at the thought of our passports being dissintegrated goo inside. All our photos would be gone and all the video would be gone too.

We openend the safe and to our absolute relief everything inside was perfectly intact. Everything except for my notebook. Thankfully it was a notebook I hadn't yet started writing in.

Relieved that our paspports and electricals were safe from the flood we looked around the room.

All my clothes were soaked! All my knickers were soaked! I had left my rucksack lying on the floor and clothes were spilling out of it. The water had just soaked through.

Apart from wet clothes, and my drenched notebook the only other damages were the phrasebooks in emma's bag. These were drenched.

So, I guess the water supply had been fixed.

It took me two hours to wash all my wet clothes the next day. 2 hours! It dried quite quickly though on the balcony.

Absolute nightmare. But at the end of the day, it could have been a lot worse, a lot worse.

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