Friday, 17 April 2009

Happy Easter - 11th April 2009

Before I start, I would like to point out that the following posts were written as they happened into my diary, so these posts are re-written from there.

Can I also point out that this keyboard is RUBBISH and therefore there will be loads of spelling mistakes and typos.


Som it's April 11th, it's 3pm in the afternoon and I;ve only jsut realised that it's Easter Sunday. Slow on the uptake? Me? Never.

Right now, I'm world a way from easter eggs, chicks and bunnies as I lie in a hammock over looking the Mekong River on the island of Don Det in Laos.

This river scene is incredibly peaceful. The greeery around is just lush and apart from the occasional river boat engine passing by, all I can hear is the noise of bugs and critters.

We arrived in Laos yesterday at about noon. We entered from the Thai border of Chong Mek and crossed into Pakse (Laos). We skipped out the North of Laos including Vientiane (the capital), Vang Vieng and Luag Prabang because of time issues.

The island of Don Det is one of Four Thousand Islands in this part of the Mekong River (Si Phan Don - literally translates as 4000 Islands). I really hope that there are actually 4000 islands here. On the boat ride over from the main land there were quite a few. Although some only had one tree on them, or even just a bush.

Don Det is unlike anywhere we have been so far. Being an island in a river there are no real beaches. Well there are a couple, but its mainly a river bank kind of place.

In an hour we are going tubing.

Laos is pretty famous on the backpacker scene for its tubing. The tubing capital is Vang Vieng, but tubing at Don Det is supposed to be good also. Hopefully there are no crocodiles in the water. But I guess there aren''t any because if there were some then they wouldn't risk letting tourists go tubing in the river with crocs. At least, you would hope any way!

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