Saturday, 4 April 2009

Half Moon Party

I'm not gunna lie... I don't remember a lot of this.

Before we got there we accidently stumbled across the Thai equivalent of Lambrini in Seven/Eleven (it was sold in beer bottles, but definitely Lambrini) Oh yes!

We got to the jungle at about ten in the evening. It looked awesome and sounded awesome!

We haggled over our glow paints that were decorated on our arms. Awesome!!!

We bought a bucket of Sam Song (a whisky based drink with coke and red bull - yumm!)

We paid 20p to use the toilet. Rip off!

We had a dance. Tunes! - There was even some Queen mixed in with the trance stuff

We bought another bucket of Sam Song.

We had a dance.

We paid 20p to use the toilet.

We bumped into some guys we met in Surat Thani.

We bumped into some girls we met in the Perhentians, Surat Thani and Koh Tao.

By this point it was about 3am.

We may then possibly have had another bucket of Sam Song.

We probably also did some more dancing.

Then it was 7am, it was sunny and we were getting in a taxi.

By 7.30am we were passed out in bed asleep.

It was a good night. Except we both somehow, at some point, lost our flip flops (and our memories).

Sadly, we don't have any photos as we didn't want to write off another camera in a drunken haze. In any case, I don't think the world needs any more photos of us drunkenly dancing away.


NB to parents and those who are concerned: Although there have been two recent posts detailing alcohol related tomfoolery, we have not been drinking copious amounts of alcohol. I can count the number of units we consumed in India on two hands. We have been drinking in Thailand because it is part of the 'scene', you know, "When in Rome and all that!"

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