Friday, 17 April 2009

Excuse me, there's a cockroach in my bed... 12th April 2009

Now, the guest house we are currently satying in is the cheapest on the island. But even if we were paying 100 dollars a night, I doubt very much that in this island location we would be able to escape cockroaches.

So on our first night we had failed to tuck in our mosquito net in properly and a cockroach had got in. Unable to bear the crunch of squishig it, I made emma catch it instead. Once the cockorach was ot of the way it was all good to fall off to sleep.


Just found another two cockroachs. Not in the mosquito net, but on the outside of the bed. I hope the net is tucked in properly.

Just one cockroachh - that i can see - this evening. I'm beggining to warm to them, as long as they stay out of the net.

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