Monday, 27 April 2009

Children of Angkor, 19 April, 2009

One of the most difficult things about Angkor is the children. At most of the temples there are children there trying to sell postcards, bracelets, books, flutes. As soon as you get out of your tuk-tuk you hear them cry "3 Bracelets, 1 Dollar", "1 Flute, 1 Dollar" " Ten Postcards, 1 Dollar".

At Angkor Wat there are loads of kids and they like to strike up a bit of banter. They all knew that Gordon Brown was the prime minister of the UK, and they knew of Tony Blair, John Major, Margaret Thatcher. There English was brilliant.

But at the smaller temples the kids were more desperate as they don't get as many tourists. They started off with "One Flute, One Dollar", but as you walked past they quickly changed their offer to "Three Flute, One Dollar". They were really desperate and it was horrible to see.

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