Monday, 20 April 2009

Cabbages and Condoms - April 8, 2009

Or is it called Condoms and Cabbages? Either way the initiative is brilliant.

While stayin in Pattaya Wendy and Gary took me for dinner at their local Condoms and Cabbages restaurant. Located in a gorgeous boutique hotel (The Birds and the Bees) on the beach the setting was perfect.

Walking to the restaurant from the hotel foyer made me all warm and fuzzy with lovely little mantras about being nice, respectful, kind and loving. I was glowing inside at the sheer loveliness. Then, we reached the green full of the fluffiest, whitest bunny rabbits that I have ever seen.

The restaurant itself was built up into the trees and decorated fabulously with condoms.

The condom lightshades were brilliant. But the ebst bit were the shop mannequins who were dressed in outfits made totally from condoms and packs of the contraceptive pill. There was even a santa made of a million red jonnies. (I just have to sort out the photo situation, i promise to dedicate some time when I'm in Oztralia.)

The food was divine. And the mango and sticky rice was delightful too. It was such a treat after a lot of fried noodles.

Instead of after dinner mints, you could take after dinner condoms. Brilliant.

But what is this place? What's the deal with all the condoms?

Well, the founder of cabbages and condoms set up the first restaurant in Bangkok in order to raise money to educate the Thai people about sexual health. From small acorns massive oak trees have grown. There are severall restaurants in Thailand as well as the amazing hotel. And because of the success the chain now raises moeny for schools, tsunmi victims and many other wrthwhile charities across thailand.

The essential goal of the organisation was to make sexual health awareness and condoms as readily availbale as cabbages. Which is a truly admirable mission.

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