Friday, 17 April 2009

Ants - April 13th 2009

I don't think I've ever been bitten by an ant. If i have it was years ago ad I can't remember what it was like. However, I came very close to being bitten today. I can't believe I actually managed to avoid getting bitten in fact.

The ant saga began at 9am when emma stepped into the shower and on to a million ants. As she battled with the pain she drowned the buggers with the shower head.

Round 1: Us 1, Ants 0

Later that day we arrived back at our hut to find out door swarming with ants. Big, fat, red ants.

Knowing that the leftover materials from our Don Det Iced Teas were just inside the door, we were apprehensive about opening our door in case we found even more ants swamring all over our room. Once we finally braved opening the door there were jsut a few inside on the outside of the coke bottle. Serious relief!

Then Round 2 began.

Armed with two hefty Lonely Planet books Emma and I took to swatting them and went on a massive killing spree.

Satisfied that we had killed the most, and scared off the rest we sat down and relaxed.

Round 2: Us 2, Ants 0

Then about 30 minutes later, they were back.

And this time there weren;t a million, but instead, a million-billion-squillion. They obviously came to avenge the deaths of the other ants, but we were ready and prepared to take this war to the next level. Oh yeah!

Off i wnet to speak the owner of the guest house to bring in the BAYGON! OOe of the boys then spent ten minutes sprayig and choking till every last ant was gone. Ha! Take that Ants!

We clearly won the war as the ants never came back to attack us again.

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