Sunday, 22 March 2009

Where am I now...?

We left Mumbai on Wednesday night and flew to Bangkok. From Bangkok we caught a connection to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived in KL late on Thursday night and decided to sleep in the airport rather than face late night hunt for accomodation in KL without a Lonely Planet.

KL and Malaysia were not on the original itinerary of the trip (hence we didn't have the appropriate guide book provision), but we headed down to meet Maggie and Caren.

Before we left the airport on Friday morning to find accomodation we discovered that Emma's bag had been broken in to! Oh yes! One of her combination locks had been hijacked and then stuck back on again. So Emma spent a few hours lodging a complaint and checking her bag to make sure no drugs had been planted on her.

By the time we got to KL it was 2pm. By 3pm we had found a cheap and decent room. By 3.15pm i was fast asleep. Obviously the previously night's sleep wasn't particularly great on the uncomfortable airport seats.

Two hours later I was refreshed and the two of us went for a wander to buy a belated birthday tea party and gin for Maggie.

That evening we ate cake, biscuits and hula hoops and drank gin and sprite. A beautiful evening!

The next morning (Saturday) I felt a bit minging. Properly run down, on the verge of being sick, photophobic (is that the one where you don't like light), super hot then super cold. Very strange. While the other three had a leisurely breakfast on the roof I made myself better with rest and ginger tea.

By 1pm we were off on a walking tour taking in the delights of KL.

Now, this is my second trip to KL so I kind of had a good sense of where we were going and what to see. We wandered round the city centre and skyscraper-lined streets. I love the shininess and newness of the city centre. Then we made our way to the Petronas Towers (twin towers of Malaysia), we made the most of the Air Con as we wandered around the very exclusive shops. We then headed to the park and enjoyed the sun and the outdoor swimming pool.

From here we headed to the Menara tower (the 4th tallest tower in the world!). We didn't head up it as it was very expensive.

Then we worked our way to Little India where we reminiced over India and our memories from there. It was a nice memory.

Tired and weary we headed back through Chinatown to our little room.

So that was a bit of a dot to dot rubbish post. Sorry about that.

We are still in KL now as we have to pop into the Thai Embassy tomorrow to ask them to extend our visa to allow us enough time to apply for our Chinese and Vietnam visas in Bangkok. Because we are entering thailand by land we will only get a 14day visa, and we are worried this might not be enough if we get stuck waiting around on visas!

The plan for tomorrow is get out visas sorted and then head to the jungle! Woop! We are going to head North to the Thai border and take in a couple of places en-route. Very exciting. Fingers crossed our visas work out ok.

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